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Zoe's Club is a type of premium membership, alike Residency, available through purchase or using a Zoe's Club Platinum 1 Month Pass. Members receive higher benefits in-game than a resident, and are distinguishable by a platinum star icon to the left of the username, or coloured custom icons. 04/10/34 · ourWorld Tips: What Happens when you become a Zoe's Club Member In Ourworld ZOES CLUB GIVEAWAY - Duration: 20:10. Fady Whopper 1,753 views. 03/12/35 · Shows you what Zoe's club and Zoe's auctions lol like!. How to get an item from Zoes Auctions-ourWorld - Duration: 4:52. Alex Suckaz 1,017 views. 4:52. Zoe's Club Store is accessible only by being a Zoe's Club Member. It contains discontinued rare and super rare mystery boxes and monthly sets, that range in price from hundreds of gems to several thousands of gems. Boxes have limited quantities up to about 10 boxes and each box only stays in the. Welcome to ourWorld - Play great online puzzle, action, arcade and strategy games in a Social Virtual World!

OurWorld Monthly: Zoe's Club. 22/06/34 · I Just want To In The Zoe Club;I actually think you must pay. I don't know if there are cheats, and if there are i think it's not fair to use a cheat while others pay for it. Play ourWorld Monthly Items 2019 Easter 2019 Spring 2019 Fairy Tale Collection 2019 Summer 2019 Independence Day 2019 Cirque Collection 2019 Space Collection 2019 Halloween 2019 Holidays 2019 New Years 2020 Zoe's Mixed Up Monthly Mystery Box 2016 Dec. 2008 Frost Set - Mixed Up Variant. 10/12/40 · ENDEDGiveaway/Contest Win Zoe’s Club,Residency and More~! Posted on. Resident, Super, Zoe, Zoes by Secret. Bookmark the permalink. About Secret Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010. In 2011 I was inspired to create my own blog that was originally called "goldourworldcheats" which I closed that site down and made.

01/12/36 · Zoe's Auctions is where Zoe's Club members can purchase items previously released in ourWorld that are no longer for sale or are being offered in the store. Of course, it is possible for a regular store item, say, Dallas Hair, to end up there too. What does Zoe's club mean on ? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation. In order to join Zoe's Club, you must buy it with a credit card/Pay Pal/etc., or buy a Zoe's pass within the site. If you choose to buy it within the site, it costs 600 our World gems. It costs.

11/08/32 · Zoe’s club is for Premium members only, who have been residents of ourWorld for over a year. Once you’ve met this requirement, a new payment feature will appear, called Zoe’s Club. It cost $20.00 a month but is well worth the money. Here are some advantages to being in the club: 500 Gems a month MORE GEMS THAN BEFORE Free Marketplace! 10/12/40 · Simply reply in Discord with the number of your choice from 1-100 and your ourWorld username in the contest-giveaway channel. Go to The Beach, it is a Residents/Zoes member area. If you are not a Resident/Zoes then you can ask one of your Resident/Zoe friends to group you at the beach. If your not a resident or Zoe’s club then have. 10/08/32 · You know you have VIP if you recieve an email about Zoe’s Club saying you have been chosen and you will be able to access the store. Zoe’s Club aka VIP is the next level up from being a resident. When you get this status, you get access to old monthly items such as the ones below. Zoe's Club provides the comfort, luxury and privacy appreciated by the most discerning traveler. Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 9.8 for a two-person trip. We speak your language! Show me more. Zoe's Club has been welcomingguests since Jan 28, 2010. Zoe’s club is for Premium Members only, who have been Resident’s fora year, or more. When you meet this requirement, a brand new payment feature icon will appear, called Zoe’s Club. It cost’s about $20.00 a month, but still it’s worth it, and I’m going to tell you.

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